Rebecca Broadbent

“The Wind Turbine project was fascinating too because there was so much to think about, from the angle of the blades to the structure of the tower.”

Yr 9 Student, Engineering Construction Residential Course, April 2012
Rebecca Broadbent driving a steam train

A Bit About Me

I became interested in engineering aged 12 when I began volunteering on a preserved steam railway in Wales, at 14 I began working in the engine sheds and was hooked. This love of science, engineering and design has stayed with me and I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a STEM Ambassador. I am a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and an Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers where I sit on the Heritage Engineering Committee.

I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Nottingham, graduating with an MEng(Hons) in 2007. I began as a post-graduate research student at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) later that year. Whilst carrying out my research I presented my work at international conferences and became involved with the Outreach work of the ISVR, challenging me to communicate with different audiences.

carrying out my research experiment, SouthamptonAfter two years of full time study I realised that I enjoyed the challenge and reward of public engagement so much that I wanted to increase my involvement in this area. In 2009 I took a job with the Smallpeice Trust, an educational charity, as an Education Officer. I took a leading role in developing engaging projects for schools including the STEM-in-a-Box project which launched in September 2010.

After a fantastic academic year it became clear that I needed to put more time into my research project. Working as a freelance communicator allowed me to continue with my research while still being involved with outreach work. I soon realised that I wanted to know more about education and so I decided to apply for a research project in engineering education. This research will increase the links between science and engineering engagement and improve our understanding of engineering education.

In my free time I enjoy walking, cricket, reading and photography. Contact me for further information.

Smallpeice Trust STEM Days


VENUE: The Midlands and Wales
DATE: 1st February - 1st May, 2012.

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